It Wasn't Good.

I suppose I shouldn't have expected much for a first time, but I think this one stands out as being bad despite that.

I met a woman in an open relationship at an event, and there were a great many things I didn't know about her at the time, I suppose I only cared that she was interested in me. Nothing happened that night, but we exchanged phone numbers and she approached me about coming to visit for some naughty stuff. I drove several hours to get to the middle of nowhere (the kind with oil fields) and found her to be living in a broken-down house with a man she was screwing twice her age. The bed consisted entirely of pillows from Walmart with a sheet stretched over them, the bottom ones were moldy and it was quite uncomfortable.

As nighttime approached, she started slipping out of her clothes and I gave her a massage before she nudged me towards sex, digging out the condoms. First I tried missionary, but the pillow-bed kept slipping out from under me, I had no way to hold myself up or spot to thrust from. After around two minutes of this, she demanded that we do cowgirl. I happily agreed. 15 minutes later, she'd gotten off and I was nowhere close. A repeat the next day was similar, she'd gotten off twice and I had yet to reach a halfway mark. Her "apology" was to give me a pathetic "I'm not even trying" ******* for five minutes, of which I also barely felt anything.

Before I'd left for the huge drive back, she tried to get me to eat her out, and I was moderately okay with this.... ...until I found the amount of blood one expected from a stab wound. ew. I showered and left.

I've since fingered another woman and found her to be around twice as tight so I'm assuming the lack of sensation was due to her being unusually loose.
motokourashima motokourashima
18-21, M
Jan 23, 2013