Burned Out By The Game

Oh, I played it and played it hard. I gave it my all. I choked down pride, emotions and kept quiet and smiled in the face of being proverbially screwed up the *** on a daily basis by hateful mean people that only had their own self interests in mind. I took verbal lashings from the boss for being 10 minutes late while essentially working full time as a single mother with a sick screaming tyrant of a toddler. I watched my career go down in flames because I pissed off the wrong girl. I have watched my working life turned upside down by this economy. I have proven and reworked my career path twice now... and I STILL have to start over and prove myself again. I'm 36, I'm not 23 anymore. It's getting wearisome. The hard core drive and dedication and working late and being uber paranoid not to step on the wrong toes and making sure you seem strong enough to defend your opinion but not so strong that you come off as intolerant... and be quiet and don't say anything but don't be too quiet to seem to not care... any and all little "mistakes" can be perceived any way by anyone.

I've learned how to play the game. I've also learned how much sacrifice it takes to play the game. I've also learned that that kind of sacrifice can ruin my physical health, manifesting in unexpected way while simultaneously causing mental breakdown. My darkest hour was a night in January 2009. It was so bad that I dared not speak of it to any living soul... not even people I do not know. I broke down so bad mentally that I was not even in my own body. After that I cried hysterically for an hour. I was certain I was a worthless monster. Good for no one. Not even my own son. If there had been a gun in the house that night, I would have ended it. My husband stepped up after that night, when, in an effort to comfort me and assure me that I was a good mother, he verbally went through a list of all the responsibilities I held without his help. He helped a little more after that and I'm not sure I would have been able to hold it together and worked another 6 mos w/out his help.

I was laid off in July 09 and have not been able to get back into my field. Though I look, and know that the day will come when I have to step back into the office, I'm still recovering and almost kind of paralyzed by what happened with the last. I know what it's going to take to impress a new boss and keep things good between us. Maybe the next one will be a little more forgiving if I've had a rough morning with getting my son ready for school. Or maybe, now that my son is 5 and not 2, it will be easier overall. Intellectually, I know that a new job won't have the same people but the game is still the same and adding the stress back into my life is not something I'm looking forward to. Especially in that the work at home for me never ends either. I'm the one who keeps the house clean, who plans meals, goes food shopping, cooks the food, cleans the kitchen, puts the child to bed, pays attention to the child, pays the bills, makes the phone call for appointments, handles personal errands on everyone's behalf, does the weekly paper work for the school and communications with the teachers, the school pick up and drop off, taking my child for vaccinations ... (do you know that my husband has no idea where our son's pediatrician office is?)... I also am the one that has to get up in the middle of the night to manage the little one's colds and vomit sessions. I take care of the cars, get the oil changes, take out the trash, plan the bday parties and maintain our social standing in our community of friends and neighbors. I take care of our dog. I even take out the trash, get the leafblower out and bag the leaves in the fall and mow the lawn in the spring and summertime. The hubby works and comes home and relaxes. That's it. He refuses to do anything else.

So, for me, going back to work is going to be double and triple shift again. I'll get up at 6:30 am, run the rat race, come home and do the things that need to be done, get the boy in bed by 9pm, get the kitchen cleaned and lunch made for the next day and crash myself. The weekend will be spent doing things that I didn't have time to do during the week. All of it will be so I can be passed up for promotions at work or be pulled into an office to be told by my boss that I am "an overprotective mother rather than a diligent employee" because it will have nothing to do with my performance at work but because I average 1-2 days out per month staying home with a sick child.

I'm burned out.... it's why I'm not so ready to go back and do it all again. The very thought saps my energy completely.
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Thank you for sharing. I'm happy I'm not the only one that feels this way. I'd love to hear how things are going?

I have a similar experience but with a very needy & high energy dog that is like a child- as crazy as that sounds. My husband and family wants us to have baby and I just think-- I already have 2! Him and the dog.

We finally started going to marriage counseling and he's helping by feeding the dog 5/14 times a week and putting away the dishes. As I read your story and list, I feel you. The house cleaning, laundry, small projects, meals, dr/vet appointments, errands and 1-3 am wake ups for a sick vomiting pup, etc. are on me. This doesn't feel like a partnership.

Oh my god. I feel the same way. I dont have children yet. But the pressure people put on me for not having babies....

I dont know. My H are like yours. I do everyhtg at the house. And my job is demanding. Co-workers are ****. Boss too.

Im burned out too- the thought of going to work makes me wanna stay in bed the whole day!

I feel for you Lisa. I have it pretty bad too with a wife who doesn't help with chores, but your article helped me appreciate what she does do....homework with kids, school functions, pays the bills, handles the birthday parties, plans the vacations, makes sure they're signed up for their activities....and more. Your article made me cry for you, but helped me feel better about my wife. Thank you. I hope things are ok with you nowadays.

I am interested in hearing an update how you're doing, Lisa!

Hey Lisa<br />
I worked on all of our cars<br />
I did all the laundry<br />
I shared in the housework<br />
I was still looked upon with disdain because I was fallible<br />
I made a few mistakes <br />
None of which could not have been rather easily surmounted had there been a will on her part<br />
What I'm trying to say is I don't want you to feel alone in all this<br />
I can't for the life of me figure why these people can't see the damage they are causing and care enough to fix it.<br />
It would seem to me that the longer you are with someone the more you should care right?<br />
Thats how it worked for me. I did stupid things yes and I was miserable half the time but I never intended nor did I try to leave. I wanted so badly for things to improve.<br />
I understand now that you are completely burnt out<br />
Too bad your H doesn't<br />
Take care and try not to work yourself into the ground

What is the point of having a husband if he doesn't do the oil changes? Seriously... this lump has got to go....<br />
<br />
Psychologically, when I lost the lump, it became a lot easier for me to "do everything" because there was no one sitting on the couch (or at the computer) to feel resentful at while I washed the millionth dish. Also, I got a lawn service during the fall. It's so worth it.

The lump, as lazy and useless as he may be, helps bring home the bacon. May not be so easy to lose the lump since he's worth capital.

I never said it was easy. But for me money or lack thereof was not a reason to stay together.

I just started reading more of Lisa's stories, looks like she ultimately did dump the lump, good for her. I know what you man, I'd rather be happy and broke, than miserable and secure.