I Watched You Die

I watched you die that night, Me your 8 year old sister your two best friends and your "parents". Your Arms are torn from razors using Ladder Cutting and the Infection that will take you, missing two fingers from the effects of this thing and your "guy-liner" perfect as always. You had us put on your Converse High Tops and fix your hair just so, and slide on to your broken, bloody, and infected wrists your braclets i had made you throughout the years. I held your head sitting behind you, the baby sister you loved sat, on your lap holding your drestroyed hands and wrists, your mother and father sit far away from you wondering if hating you all your life was worth it, Ash and Zane sit on your sides waiting for the worst to come. And It Did. You talk for 20 minutes as the infection reached your heart and killed you infront of our eyes, then yours closed the monitor made that long sound telling us you left. Sophie your biggest fan let out this scream of agony and heart break she cried for you "Mickey please come back, don't go yet." As the monitor screamed on with her this perfect Catholic girl who loved and prayed so often screamed into the dead air "I Hate You For Taking Away My Brother, I Needed Him!!"
I sat and played with the hair I dyed and cut so often for you and saw the last of your tears fall,as Ash and Zane cooed Sophie off of him and sat her next to me she cried into my chest like he had so many times before. Ashton kissed your cheek, Zane kissed your Lips, me and Sophie kissed your Forehead as I faught for compure. My best friend of 17 years,no my Brother for life, left me to be here alone. I will not forgive you for leaving me Michael, but you were my only friend so often, my savior always, and my brother. Please look out forSophie I will do my best as always, Live on with us always.
I Loved You Michael Alexander Gordon Cheeicro <3
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Jan 6, 2013