Embarrassing Erections

I was 13 when it first happened i was in the showers after rugby training and the showers where full of hot naked men i did not know at the time that i was bi sexual i was washing myself and i closed my eyes to rines my hair and when i opened them again all the boys were staring and laffing at me i did not know y until 2of them started shouting out ping and doing and erection motion with there fingers so i looked down and noticed my **** was rock hard i grabbed my towel and ran out the shower lets say i always waited till i got home to showers from then on it was only when i was 15 tht i decided enough was enough and decide to take a shower so that day there was 3guys left in the shower so i went in and everything was fine i was the only guy left in the shower or so i thought my best pal appeared and came in the shower at that time i did not know he was bisexual so we were showering and i felt it happening again my **** was starting to grow and i turned a way from him he asked me what was wrong and i said nothing he said it is ok look so i looked over my shoulder and there he was standing naked with a rock hard **** as well this i y i shower last he said u want to touch it.
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I once when I was 15 coped a feel under the pretense of checking him for a hernia. Luckily he didn't see my hard on under my gym shorts...rofl. again, unfortunally that is as far as that got....However i did get it on several times with his older brother.....

never played rugby or soccer for a hobby but had the same reaction when doing school games i went to school with some realy hot guys had some fun with a classmate was 14/16 then many years later with 2 of his sons

That was so hot man, I wish I could have been there to "help you out". I used to play rugby league and my mates loved watching me get hard, them finishing me off.. So did I.

did he want to touch yours and did you enjoy him

yes and yes i enjoyied it very much

hopefully you did !!!!

yes did and more