The First Time I Met The Lord Jesus

I was raised as a christian and taught about the christian faith by my grandma at an early age. I trusted her and believed all that she told me about Jesus.

In school I was constantly teased and rejected by my peers and picked on due to my appearance. This treatment made me, even as a kid, to feel self conscious and worried about what other people thought of me. I would let these worries and thoughts prevent me from praising God in church the way that I felt led to, by lifting up my hand or by dancing and clapping.

Every summer my grandma would take me to revival meetings held at a nearby canyon church. One Summer when I was about 10 years old we were at the revival meeting and I felt compelled to dance and clap to the Lord during worship but I was ashamed to do it because I didn't want to be laughed at. I wrestled with it inside my self as I had frequently done, but the urge to worship Jesus in that way that night was great and I wanted so badly to express to Him my love through this act, so I did. Almost immediately I was caught up in what I have always called a vision, but what might be considered a dream because I was unconscious. In the vision I saw the sky and the clouds passing by as I ascended up towards heaven... Once there I recall seeing a large Temple entrance with angels on both sides of the doorway... Compelled, I proceeded inside and up a large staircase... On the way up the staircase I saw an Old man with a long white beard walking down the staircase, who looked over and winked at me with one eye, I smiled and winked back.. I continued up the staircase until I came to a place where I saw Jesus and there he reached down his hand toward me. I reached up and took His hand and then woke up from my vision/dream. I found myself at the foot of the stage.

For the longest time I wondered what it meant but in time I believed that, even though I knew about Jesus and believed in Him, it was at that moment that I opened up my heart to Him in an act of worship and faith and as a result He welcomed me as a child into His kingdom. Ever since that day, I believe I have always felt His spirit upon me. :)
mmoody1977 mmoody1977
Jan 6, 2013