Why Have I Always Been Alone?

Well I haven't, in fact, I was never meant to be alone. I was born with an identical twin. Now I'm alone. She died before I could even grasp any memories of it, only the nightmares of death that have followed me my entire life. I grew up as an only child, then later an older sister. Then a year or so ago, I learned of my twin. I found some pictures my parents had hidden away, and I'd overheard them talking of it. I haven't forgiven them for not telling me. I should feel bad for them, but I know that they were going to get an abortion but couldnt, and they're logical people, so it was just a dead baby later rather than sooner, but I know that whenever they look at me they wonder if she'd have been better than me, and because there's no way of knowing, they assume she would have been.
But I don't care about my parents. I just know that I'm alone here, missing my twin, and since I learned of the source of my nightmares if death, I've become an insomniac. But no amount if sleep deprivation will bring her back.
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13-15, F
Nov 28, 2012