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Both Material And Emotional

Material losses come and go and are only significant when there is an emotional component such as a picture.
Emotional losses are harder to discount.
I've lost two dogs over the years and both I remember very fondly as loyal pets who always looked to you for their support (I do miss both).
As I've said elsewhere, my first son died not long after his birth and will always be remembered for the fighter he was.
My 2nd son also died young and was just as heart wrenching.
My 3rd son is still with us but I haven't seen him since he was a few months old. He was adopted against my wishes by court order by my ex-wife's new husband. I just hope to one day see him again.
I also spent quite a few years as a guest of the state and it took a real emotional toll on my family and friends.
My eyesight is now bad enough that I can no longer drive. This freedom of movement is gone now and I do miss it.
To top it all off, I'm having a hard time finding employment. Go figure, 12 year gap in work history, hard to explain.

Even with the losses, I am still standing and continuing forward one step at a time. It just goes to show that your world can fall and collapse, but with a will you can stand out of the ashes.
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M 1 Response Jun 10, 2012

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Wow! Your resolve and determination to live alive is commendable. I stumbled upon one of your stories and was intrigued by your words. Clearly you've learned the art of making the best of a situation. I cannot imagine what losing my child would do to me. Thank you for sharing. And my sincere sympathies for your losses.

Thanks, since I wrote this, I finally have employment and my sister got married. So, as always, life moves forward. I suppose in my case, it helps that I was always a heavy reader, so that whenever things got really bad, I could always find a good book to lose myself for awhile. Then I could re-evaluate my situation and try and deal with whatever came my way.