Some of my greatest losses in life have happened in the last months.  I always pride myself on being a strong person but hit after hit does change you as a person.  I overcame losing my family, my son, and so many other things in my life.  I look back now and think wow you know I made it through all that but the things I have lost in the last few months have been so much more important to me than anything I have lost before.  I will win because I always do.

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Thanks Scott. ((hugs back))... No words needed!

*hugs*..for lack of words.

Everything happens for a reason, hun. you will accomplish so much more than you may every imagine

you welcome. <br />
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I know what loss is like. A storm clouds covering sunny sky.

Thanks for the reminder AP.<br />
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Thanks Mother.

Yeah... I lost my grandpa in April of this year. <br />
I lost my grandma in 1997.<br />
I lost my other grandpa in 1994.<br />
Now I only have one grandparent left. <br />
She lives in China

You Said, "I always pride myself on being a strong," <br />
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That's what makes you beautiful honey so much stuff has happend to you and yet you can be sorrowful but you also know you can get back up and Stand tall once again. Never give up the strong Will..

Thanks Mechel.

Thanks y'all.

Oh, that is terrible! You will make it. You can do this and you know it. My prayers are with you hun. You're strong girly.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. In 1982 I lost an uncle,sister and a brother but my best friend passed in 2007, my MOTHER. It's hard but think of the funny things they use to say and dont forget to cry in the time of need. Plan something memorable.

i'm sure sorry for all your losses. life can be soooo...hard sometimes. still, you keep your great sense of humor. with your personality, one thing you'll never lose will be the people whose lives were touched by you.


I've rcently become the last living meber of my family and lost alot on top of that too - so i know how you feel......get what hugs and support from people you can - even the strongest of us need support sometimes......just remember to pass it on when things are better........namaste

Yes you will win sweetie! Take the time you need and come back full circle, refreshed and ready to roaarrr...no one keeps fungirl down. <br />
<br />
I love you sweetie!