My Life

I've lost my mom. I've lost a friend. I've had my heart broken. I 've made mistakes I had sex with someone that I instantly regretted. I've been alone and abandoned. I've gotten into a car wreck (not my fault!). I've had a speeding ticket. I fell in love. I have failed.
But through all of this, I have learned that there is always someone less fortunate than I am.
Amay408 Amay408
18-21, F
4 Responses Jun 30, 2010

One of the reasons I lost love was because I was too negative about everything.. It's one of the many things I have tried to improve about myself and it's nice to be recognized for that.<br />
Thank you for your kind words

in spite of all you have been through you have a good attitude about it all, iam sure life will turn for the good and i hope it is soon you are young and your future looks good everything is in your favor i wish you the best and goodluck. love and peace

Thank you.<br />
You can learn something from everything.

Happiness is surrounded by life. Life often blinds us to finding a piece of that happiness. I am glad you are still looking despite the hardships that you have encountered in your young life. As your life journey unfolds and those that are most fortunate to know you will find you as an inspiration to what a great thing, the stuff life is made of. May you shine bright and grow little one.