My Wild Wife

I have been married to a wonder woman for 25 years now. During the course of our marriage she has been an incredible wife, mother, best friend, and lover. About a year ago our sex life had become pretty predictable, and just a little boring....We started teasing each other about having sex with other people, more for fun than anything else. Soon that teasing became regular "pillow talk", and it really heated up our loving making. After talking about it for several weeks, we joined an on-line swingers site, posted a profile and a few pictures, and sat back to see if we got any responses.

Soon we were overwhelmed with response and emails from people wanting to meet us. After wading through the many bullshit emails as well as the emails from people that just didn't interest us, we started meeting with couples. Over the course of meeting several couples, playing together with about four different couples, we found that really we only clicked with one of them. We meet with this particular couple several times for sex and fun. I was surprised how much I enjoyed watch my beautiful wife **** this other man as well as suck his **** but it was an incredible turn on for me. She however, was less excited about watching me with other women.

After living this lifestyle for about a year, and spending much time talking about it, we both decided it was fun, but it really wasn't what we were looking for. Eventually we stopped pursuing other couples, but kept our profile active so we could just check our emails and see if any new couples really striked us as people we would like to meet. We were pretty much "done" in the lifestyle. That is until I started talking about it to our neighbor, an attractive younger woman. She was having problems in her marriage, telling us often that her husband was awful in bed, never willing to meet her needs and that she rarely had an ******. I opened up a little at first about our sex life and how much we both enjoyed it, eventually bringing up swinging and being with other people, and how much I enjoyed watch my wife with other people. Of course up to this point my wife had, or at least claimed to have had, no interest in other women whatsoever....After several weeks of talking to our neighbor about this lifestyle we started sharing nude pictures, texting sexy messages back and forth, all with my wife involved, either suggesting certain pictures and/or messages. Before too long we scheduled a time where our neighbor could come over and watch us ****, and join in if she felt turned on.

When the day finally came, she did show up much to my surprise, and once the wife and I were naked and had started playing around, it didn't take the neighbor long, she had ripped off her clothes and was playing with the wife's ****, my ****, whatever she could get her hands on. Before everything was done and said that day, I had gone down on her and licked her sweet ***** until she had an ******, her first she claimed in about 3 years.

Well we have since tried to schedule an afternoon together each and every week, which isn't always easy being we all have children, careers, etc. But I can say that each session has become hotter and heavier than the one before. Yesterday, culminating in a strap-on session where my wife ****** her, and they both absolutely loved it! And I equally loved watching these two very attractive ladies **** each other! Needless to say, my wife's wide side has really come to the forefront, she has found, and releasaed, her inner **** and I love it! So we now share a hot girlfriend and it is awesome.
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I am surprised no one else has commented. You have shared such a sexy story. I would love to be married to an adventurous woman like your wife. My wife has worked hard to make sex a boring undertaking. You don't know how lucky you are. <br />
<br />
As to the neighbor woman, ask wifey if you can help her out, and perhaps offer your wife to her husband as a way for him to learn how to really satisfy a woman. OMG, that would be so sexy to do with a wife like yours if she was willing.