Soon After My Father Died Father passed away almost 30 years ago now,and i stayed with my totally deaf Mother,my parents were 100% deaf.Well soon after he died,the were noises one night in the kitchen,scraping sounds,and there were 2 kitchen drawers open when i investigated,this was soon after washing up after our evening meal,aka,the kitchen scene in I 6th Sense,although not as extreme as that.

My Mothers,driving instructor moved in after 12 months,a sleazy guy,who preyed on such women, he hated me for living close and checking up on mums welfare,preying on a deaf woman,what a scumbag! We had many arguments,some fisticuffs over her treatment of her..he eventually passed away from emphysema.
The night i got the call from the hospital he passed away,i went to my Mums house,the same house as where my dad dies, and mum was waiting for me,it was 2am.she KNEW i was coming to tell her Frank had stuff!
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May 17, 2012