Hell On Earth

Its funny how i see life now. I believe you really have to go through hell and survive to figure out how god really works. I have never been religious,not familiar with the bible even but what ive experienced has left not a shadow of a doubt they both exist........it was 10 years ago my ordeal started i am not a writer or a storyteller but ill try. It was a warm july night in 2003. I had just finished my shift at the pub.I had been drinking now for quite some time and i had no idea how messed up i really was.That night i had decided i needed to lay off the booze for awhile.I had gone to sleep alone in my daughters room and awoke to this gosple like music playing. I searched everywhere for the source. I woke up my husband and he couldn't hear anything. I started freaking out thought i'd lost my mind then a voice said to me.."this is the lord speaking' i was terrified. It continued to tell me that i had a very important purpose but i had to be patient.it was at that time i started seeing things. It started out amazing i woke up my husband and relayed messages his deseased grampa was giving me. Stuff that he hadnever told me. I was scaring the **** out of him. This went on for awhile as realatives and friends sent undeniable messages to me. Thats when things changed. The presense took an evil turn what i went through for the next seven years.my problem is i don't know even where to begin to tell my story and the fact there is no possible way to convay the sheer terror. Not to mention the fact i can never tell a living soul because they would think im certifiable. Tbc

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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

May I ask your religion, if any? Dan

Love: "i can never tell a living soul because they would think im certifiable". Not so, I believe you heard what you heard, and you changed your live accordingly.

Not only that, but you help others as well. You rock! Luv, Dan

Please write about the "evil turn"...what happened? No one would judge you on EP.... at least not in this group.