Seen Real Paranormal Activities With Spirits!!!

This incident is of India - Mumbai location known as Aarey Milk Colony Goregaon East:

As so many auto drivers r obsessed every day by evil spirits and until the people slap the driver badly and the driver comes into normal position so auto drivers r scared to move during nite time after 10 pm becoz many accidents r held on Goregaon Aarey Milk colony Road it's like a black jungle and have scare of wild animals attack on roads. 

Yesterday i went to Aarey Milk Colony Road at around 6pm, i was feel unease after i cross Chhota Kashmir & Picnic Spot i heard a sound of baby cry and women weeping, but wen i look around it was nothing and there is sharp turn where always the women seeing and accident helds on that spot. I found one strange thing while returning the same road my bike speed was literally getting slow as i was raising my full accelerator. i saw one car coming towards me and no one was in the car and when i stop my bike and looked into my mirror the car was disappeared i don't know wat's happening with me.
divyeshb divyeshb
31-35, M
Feb 4, 2013