I Am So Confused Now

Is it possible that instead of seeing your past life, your subsonscious gives you exactly what you are hoping for? I will explain very shortly:

Yesterday I went to my first past life regression therapy. I just wanted to find out what is going on between some people in my life (boyfriend, mother) and me. I felt there is something I need to know.

So I saw that in my past life my mother was my relative who kept me away from the one I loved and wanted to protect. She repented before death and I forgave her but never truly on the inside. So during my session I let go of that hurt. That was great.

The one she kept me away from turned out to be a guy friend of mine in this life (not my boyfriend). When seeing him then it was like my soul and his had an agreement to finish what was prevented before. Now, in this life, I started having trouble in my relationship when this friend started getting close to me. It was like we were attracted but we were both taken already. Like we know we can't be together but there is something there. Since then I was restless and felt really weird. Like I should save myself for him in this life, which makes no sense at all.

Is it possible that somehow this life regression was made up, and just a plot of what I would like it to be, of some subconscious desire to be with this guy (a simple case of girl falling in love and mind playing tricks on her)?
I really am confused by this experience and would be grateful if anyone should comment, suggest or give me advice.
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

In my opinion, I believe in reincarnation, but from the books I have read, everytime we reincarnate into a new life we will be surrounded by very very different people from previous lives.
But that is my opinion. About the previous response to this story I agree in one thing: listen to your heart in this Life and make the most of now.

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a well established mode of therapy or technique which is not influenced by minds. However, best way to utilise PLR is to get rid of chronic therapeutic problems (Illness) and not love life! May be Im wrong, but this is what I propose! For love to be successful, just follow your heart without strategising anything. You will see that things will always unfold in the best way, for which you will never repent. But for this to happen, heart has to be pure.