I'm Unsure If I Have Psychosis.

So lately I have been having mood changes, I have felt grief and sadness. I cry a lot around my family. This isn't the first time it's happened. It happens every couple of months. I have also felt paranoid. I have felt as if someone or something is trying to get my family or me... I sleep with a baseball bat next to my bad. The reasons I bought the baseball bat was well for one to play baseball with my younger brother but also just in case anyone were to get into my house and I needed to defend my family or myself. I didn't think I was paranoid at first but I started noticing I get a little paranoid. When I'm awake I have these strange thoughts of someone coming into my house. I think of how I'd keep my family safe. The thoughts seem real at times. I have also been having lots of nightmares lately. I'm unsure if it's just paranoia or psychosis. I don't wish to go to a mental facility or to any "specialist" because I don't think I'm going crazy. Whenever I think of telling my parents I feel sad because they might think I'm going crazy. I just want to know if I'm suffering from paranoia or psychosis. Thanks. 
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1 Response May 6, 2012

sounds like it, it really is best to se a doctor, if its nothing its nothing but if you do have issues its batter to go before its not to severe believe me

I told my parents, and I might go see a doctor soon. Thanks for the help though.