I spent three years (14-17) of my life floating in and out of reality, and people didn't really notice. They just assumed I was a bit of a space cadet and perhaps a bit slow. I don't remember how I started therapy, but it happened around last February. It felt like there was a foggy plastic bubble between me and the real world. I am finding clarity and I even plan to attend university. I feel a bit "born yesterday" though. I'm learning how to be a real person, and realising that my actions have consequences. I haven't brushed my teeth in three years approximately, and I'm a bit scared because my family cannot afford dental care. My teeth don't look bad, but I feel a pain in my back molar. As I "came to", I even realised I was in love. It didn't work out because of distance, but it was an important experience in catching up to where I feel I should be. I still have memories which haunt me, though. When I was 14 I yelled at a wall at the top of my lungs and my mother just though I was mad (well, I was probably). I'm kind of confused as to why they never decided to get help for me, but I kind of understand because I was quiet and hid it quite well I guess? I look forward to the upcoming school year, though. I feel clear enough to actually achieve my potential and I'm excited to shock the people who never thought I was capable of much.
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Update: going to get my teeth fixed. Ahhh, so happy. :)

i know that feeling! you described it perfectly