The Worst Psycosis Recorded In My Book Anyway Any One Had Worse Let Me Know!

The day my life changed 21/11/2009.........was the day i got admitted into hospital after going into a police station thinking my x was the beast in revelation 17..... the worsest thing i could have done accused him of rape to assure hed be locked up...... before that i thought i was in a propercy and i was to be killed and was being spied on by mi5 i thought my car was bugged, and told my x to jump of a bridge which bless him he was willing to do to declare his love for me untill he realised i was acting out of character....... the experience has effected my day to day activity...ive been in bed 4 days and have not moved as my actions where unforgivable. i was sectioned under 2 and luckily got out as my gp understood my stresses of looking after a disabeld mother and father, smoking was my realxant but i never thought it could ruin my life..... i was hullucinating that everyone was looking down on me....i actually believed i was going to die that day...... then i started hearing voices in the hospital thinking it was my friend who i thought was part of mi5.... i also rembering screaming down the hospital and saying the lords prayer from the top of my voice........ my friends didnt know what to do and was shatterd when they saw me in there. i saw jesus in the clouds caring a cross, saw all different animals it was like a dream or being in a computer game only to realise this **** was real. when police came to see me in hospital i told them the allegation was in fact a lie and i feel disgusted i did that..... whos had an experiance worse then mine proberly noone....... man its hard. the only sad thing was..... i tryed to run away and one of the key nurses catches me and grabs this random girl who found it quite funny and says keep her shes a spy, and put me in the lift with her, on my mothers life the nurses did that, they played on my paronoia and i am disapointed with these key nurses when i did my research they have been workers there for years and one use to be a home help for my mother when she was ill but i got rid of her as she never did a thing and use to make my mother sighn papers and then go....on her merry way, plus use the name suzanne as her homehelp and uses victoria at the hospital, no shes not part of my paronoia shes true even my friends couldnt believe it either. i was threatend with injections if i didnt take the medication, the system in london actually disapointed me alot and i will be seeking legal advise as my stay there was unfair..... then again i shall leave it up to our most high to judge them wicked people, im just blessed he got me out.

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hi read my story going in circles it sounds similar experience

as long as ur out i hate those places =)))

That sounds like quite some trip. If the smoking had anything to do with it, you want to leave that evil weed alone..!<br />
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Jesekagly: I'm from London. MI5 is the UK security service and a section is involuntary commitment so it sounds like London England.

london england ?? or london ontario?

how does one get over this.......