While having my cup of coffee this morning, I looked out of my window overlooking the street. Since it's winter here I saw trees bare to the bark and where the city had pruned the trees earlier, was now clearly visible. There were also evergreens. I looked out at the tree farthest away and noticed birds gathering, a few at a time on that one bare tree. One would fly over then two, then a whole bunch at once. There was also a bird sitting perched on an electrical wire far away from the tree and when the wind started to blow it flew off and joined the others. Shortly after the last bird jointed the rest, they all, as if one body, lifted off and flew in an elaborate circle and landed back on the bare tree. After this happened, even more birds joined the tree, for the second time, they all lifted off together. I sat there for a few minutes to see if they would return, they didn't.

I thought this was interesting because, they could have chosen the evergreen trees which would have shielded them, some, from the elements but they choose the bare tree which happened to be the tallest. It's as if they didn't want to leave anyone and gave everyone a chance to join before they left for good. Perhaps, the first lift off was abandoned as the flock realized they'd left someone? I don't know, but, if a bird, can have the instinctual urge to go back for another of it's kind, why can't a man? What is it, as a human, do we lose that gives us the ability to disregard each others needs? (Also a blog post)
Qwertyvsme Qwertyvsme
Jan 11, 2013