Blatant Reality Blips

My favorite glitch is the cat that turned into a tree branch. Boyfriend and I were looking into the backyard one evening while on a balcony. Some meowing and shuffling drew my attention to the ground below, where I spied a cat-shaped outline. I was suffering a bout of paranoia at the time, so I became instantly convinced that the cat below was very scary, evil and about to bring about the gruesome supernatural deaths of boyfriend and I. In my irrational terror, I started chanting "Anywhere but here! Anywhere but here!!" in my mind.

The thing below was doubtfully a demon, probably the calico cat that wandered the apartment complex, and definitely a fallen tree branch by the time we stopped staring at it. It went like this: *rustling and meowing below* *I see the probable outline of a cat* *I have the thought the cat may be my worst nightmare* *TERROR* *I recall that my thoughts sometimes become appallingly real* *ABJECT TERROR!!* *Boyfriend and I stare uncertainly at the ground until it is evident that the shadow is just a branch*

And that is how I performed transfiguration! :D I'm pretty sure all the scary parts came from my own mind, and the cat probably courteously teleported away upon sensing my fear.

I've also seen the sun change size and location, the pages in a notebook duplicate or fuse together in my hands as I turn the page, song lyrics change repeatedly as I copied them down and a car turn into oncoming traffic but drive away in the opposite direction.

It's like someone switches the film that your eyes are watching. This first frame shows the front of the car facing you, the next frame shows the back of the car driving away. There is no turn, just shift in image from one instant to another.

"It's just your eyes playing tricks on you!" It's criminally easy to forget the extraordinary.
slow4speed slow4speed
22-25, F
Jan 15, 2013