Reality Shifts and Death

I have often wondered if it is possible to experience the death of an alternate self.  There are times in my life that I have come close to death and yet wonder if on an alternate plain of existence if I was able to walk away from that death.  Then there are times that I have had dreams so vivid about dying that once awake I have to spend several minutes just to calm down.  Just want to know if anyone else has every considered these possibilities.

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4 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Many people experience reality shifts related to brushes with death, either narrowly averting death in an obvious way or miraculously finding themselves flung clear from certain death in the form of an oncoming car, for example. Many such stories are shared on the realityshifters web site and in the book Quantum Jumps.

I had a dream where i was in a dungeon with my family (not the family i have now but i knew these people were my family), we are hiding and i hear footsteps. The door opens and i am told by my dad to run out this door. Loads of soldiers with guns come running in and i manage to get out the door. I hear loads of gunshots in the dungeon and as i am running down this stone corridor, i hear more gunshots and feel the burning of the bullets in my back and i fall to the floor. i woke up at this point and was just like "what the hell was that?". I believe it was maybe a clip of my past life. So it could be possible that what ever we dream could mean something and that some things could actually be real. especially after the dream i had.

I've also had such vivid dreams that made me question whether they were real or not. Thanks for sharing :)

Hmmm...I know I have considered alternate realities...and I once read something by Heinlein that suggested that all reality is just the creation of someone's imagination (i.e. writers)....along similar lines, my mother told me according to her spiritual master that anything that can be imagined exists somewhere, either another planet, dimension, universe.....boggles the mind to consider, yet I can't resist the allure....SS