The Eraser Incident

A friend from school had lent me an eraser and i was supposed to give it to her the next day. Yes i was poor in a third world country , and so everyone else. I remember putting it in the first upper cabinet of my nightstand. In those times my sister used to tell me stories before going to sleep , but as i was too demanding i wanted more than one story and so she had to start making them up since i already knew every traditional story that has ever been written for children. One of those stories she called it "

" the girl with no head "

In her story the girl rubs her bed rail everytime she wants a wish come true , the rest of the story i cant rembember , but i do remember believing in this lol


The next day i looked for the eraser i had left on my cabinet to find absolutly nothing . I searched in every little corner and yet nothing , then the story that my sister had told me popped into my head and wondered if rubbing my bed rail would make the eraser appear again!

As the wishful child that i was and still am lol , i decided to do the same that the girl did in the story . i got really close to that white plastic ball in the end of the rail started rubbing it with both hands and quietly wished WITH ALL MY HEART and expected that the eraser appear again i was like :

please make the eraser appear . I said it around five times and quickly went to  check to cabinet TO FIND IT RIGHT ON TOP of all my notebooks inside my cabinet AND EASY TO SPOT . I find it unbelivable and i think that maybe becuase i strongly believed that i would find it it materialized somehow ?


what do you think?



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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

This is really cool! You did manifest that thing!

fun story!! and yes, i think things like that can happen.<br />
:) cool.

Very entertaining story. I guess we've all done stuff like that. :)

its possible i think!