Me Too, But I'm Sure It Was Worse Before

Look, extreme feminism is a mess and doesn't represent the majority. Some of the **** that happens in court-rooms with regards to divorce, child-custody and domestic abuse claims is just plain wrong. No rational person can argue otherwise.

But, let's consider the converse.

My wife, as well as other women in my life regularly provide perspective that I would otherwise miss if the societal conventions of women being second-class citizens were still in place. Recent developments in medicine with regards to heart-attacks in women and specific female health concerns would have been missed if it was not for the recognition that women have an equal place in society as men.

And let's not also forget the true value of exploring sexuality. Women talking freely about sex benefits everyone.

I'm just tired of all the whining. People use extremes to talk about how bad things are on both sides of the coin. We should never stop trying to make things better, but really, the bitching and moaning gets us no-where.
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Awh penn .... sanity and moderation seems to be swiftly punished here.<br />
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Feminism is about equality... so how is it that being anti feminist is anything but anti equality?<br />
<br />
Of course I'm playing the semantics game...<br />
<br />
Being anti- anything isn't really productive. There's nothing all that constructive about being against someone else's beliefs.<br />
<br />
Being Pro or being an advocate of something is in my opinion a way to move forward as opposed to blaming others and doing nothing to make the changes you feel need to be made.<br />
<br />
Opposing feminsim doesn't promote equality. It simply opposes feminism.<br />
<br />
Instead of wasting time being against others it would likely be easier to advocate for the changes you think society needs to make so as to be a good place.<br />
<br />
I believe patriarchy is an outdated social construct that while in the past may have been the best way for society to opperate, I believe it is now more harmful than helpful...I advocate for society to find a better social construct that will be beneficial to everyone, even those who are so busy being "anti" everything that they end up not "being" for anything.<br />
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Oh well.<br />
<br />
I can understand your frustration with terms like "womens" rights... it should be "human" rights.<br />
<br />
As for was called that for many reasons...and not actually labled by its members but by those in opposition to it... it was actually meant to be a dismissive term...used to mock and belittle the ideas and women who were advocating for changes.

Equality is still a little shaky though... because it's subjective. It's about equal choice, not about being equal literally, and that's where people get confused. As for feminism being a dismissive term, yes, I recall hearing that, and yet you have referred to yourself as being a feminist... and you tease me for being a feminist... so, is it dismissive or not?

If you are a referring to my story in this group, yeah the feminist dribble was forced down my throat and grew like a tumor. And it passes me off. You are told you aren't oppressed and you believe it. Women are told they are oppressed and they believe it.<br />
It took me about month of Google searches revealed the truth to me. A truth I new was there and couldn't prove. <br />
Every single thing that feminism tells women is a lie. Every point that feminist say women are oppressed by is a lie. Its all been busted as myth using science and research. Government statistics, peer reviewed research and studies and scientific evidence. You show this to feminist and they still refuse to believe it. MRAs have been showing people the truth for years. But the lies are still being told. And people are still believing it.

Are you saying that I'm oppressed and I don't know it?

Men as a whole are oppressed and don't know it. Women are privileged and don't know it.

We call people that don't know what is going on "blue pill people".
We call people who realise that something is wrong "red pill people".
Its a "MATRIX" reference. It works pretty well.

You sure are full of it. You could always go and join ISIS. Men are on top of everything there.

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Sex is only one part. Feminism negatively affects all aspects of both men and women's lives. <br />
There are two types of feminists. One is the extreme or radical feminist. They know what the true goals of feminism are. <br />
The other are the average women who doesn't get that they are being used and lied to. They don't understand that women aren't oppressed anymore. That men are now the oppressed sex. Not just in the court room but everywhere in all aspects of society. <br />
Feminism has never wanted equality. Average women don't see this. And they don't see that they are The privileged sex. Feminism is still telling them that they are oppressed. And the swallow it hook line and sinker.

I am a man... last time I checked. I am NOT oppressed. What in God's name are you talking about? Knight, in your other post, you acknowledged that it's basically YOU who are swallowing the feminist drivel hook, line and sinker.

*makes Greenbare a cup of tea* You need a wee sit down &amp; chill out like don't you! Just to relax for a wee while &amp; take you're mind off everything that's ailing you. - Sheesh!

Sophia333 - well said! :D

Paternalism negatively affects all aspects of both men and women's lives.

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*sigh*<br />
<br />
Dearest, here you are blasting people for talking in extremes while doing the Exact thing yourself. As a girl who is against feminism I am not anti-woman (an impossibility). I want equality. True equality.<br />
You are implying here that if we (in the western world) didn't have feminism now we would slip back into the dark ages. That is utterly ridiculous!

No. To me, the suffrage movement was a point in time that required an adjustment. It's like going on a diet to lose weight. During the diet, we are a bit extreme, trying to lose weight to get back to the so-called ideal weight. At the end of the diet, we don't go back to the way things were before. We continue on the new paradigm. In part due to suffrage, we are in a new paradigm. Some idiots want it the way it was. They want to go back to eating the yummy bad foods before the diet. Ideally, the diet shouldn't have been needed, but it was. We're done. Now it's time to move on. Let's all be sexy together. :-)

Babble! :)

Amen sonnet.

So wait.... you'd prefer that women shouldn't vote? What are we talking about here?

Lol! You're such an imp. Hush now! :)

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I agree with you Pennonymous ... certainly there's a lot of crap in the system ... but that doesn't mean that moving on with women's rights was a bad thing. There's still a lot of inequality on both sides ... the few whingers shouldn't be able to distort the record of achievements and advancements which have been made.

I literally hate the terms "women's rights" and "feminism." When women's perspectives aren't considered, we ALL suffer, not just women.

Yes, very true. The term "women's rights" shouldn't be necessary any more but at one stage it arguably was ...