My Wife Feminized Me

several years ago my wife caught me fooling around with one of her friends "i was giving her a foot massage and i don't know what happened i was suddenly kissing and sucking her feet" that's wen my wife entered and sow me in this position .

and from that day my life change my wife got very angry that  knight and i was told to decide between leaving home that night or submiting to here demands which i did, before i was awake from the surprise my wife order me get fully undressed and she opened her lingery drawer and started to throw some on the bed and asking me to put them on . i started by a black lacy panties then came black bra , camisol and white oppac pantyhose then she gave me a black dress to put on , and said that tomorow is another day she will get me all nice things that fit my size , and what a stuped women will fool with a feminized man.and this is how my life changed from that day now i live my life like women and my wife is the man of the house .  and believe me its very humilatin because i went into very difficult situation till i accepted my new life

georgeendrawous georgeendrawous
41-45, M
Nov 27, 2009