Pure Hate

So when I was 17 barely I fell in love with a girl we will call BG so I loved every sec of every min with her I lost virginity with her and we were very intimit she once met me at my house being there before me I get there within 20 min she ses promis never to leave me your house again with your dad home I said what happend she wouldn't tell me so I agreed .. I proposed a couple years later she said yes then planned a wedding she cheated on me with someone random rite before wedding then I got hooked on drugs life kept spirolling down come to find out my father who stole my collage funds and always made BG feel weird is her freaking sugar daddy my father who has never helped me or my brother who my mother hates and divorced has been getting my wife to be and payed her boob job and been taking pornographic pics for him he photographer basically both them are twisted I wouldn't be saprised if he the one she cheated with.the pics are way I found out .hate my father my ex fionce wish could kill em both changing my last name
AngelTrey AngelTrey
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Wow that sucks dude , but clearly she wasnt worth it
you were clearly too good for her and i know it hurts but it will get easier
i found my fiance cheating on my with a girl from work ... ha so i know what heartbreak is
trust me it gets easier
keep your head up and raise above it xxx

that isnt even a quarter of the story lol **** well anyways thanks advice