I'm A Horny Wife & Mom

I'm a housewife, it started when I dropped my 2 daughters off at the mall. They both know how to dress sexy as a mom I make sure they get in the mall safely.I pulled my car to the far edge of the parking lot watching my daughters walk to the mall entrance. They both were wearing cute little sexy mini skirts my youngest wore knee highs candy cane striped and black heels, my oldest wore the same except white knee highs. As I watched my little girls go to the mall door to meet friends inside. I noticed they slowed down and raised their skirts a bit higher than they origanally were.(they had no idea I was watching. They waved flirtatiously at various guys and even older men that passed by in their cars. I could acually see a portion of ther ***** as they strutted toward the door. I was disturbed at first then I became aroused. I have no idea why I began rubbing my breast and I found myself with my hand under my skirt rubbing my ***** beneath my panties. I was feeling so horny and wet. I acually enjoyed the way various guys and especially older men responded to them. My youngest stop and smiled at an older man in a nice car. Then she quickly caught up with her sister and both came into the mall. I closed my eyes and took my panties off leaving them on the floor of the car. My legs were spread I was more than obviously rubbing my **** my ***** was extremly wet. I exposed my breast, I took them from my bra and unbuttoned my blouse. I felt so daring if anyone saw me it was pointless to try and recover my composure. I watched diffrent men walk in and out of the mall. imagining what it would be like to suck their *****. I saw couples and woman of my age and very young girls my mind was filled with pornographic imagis of what I would do with each of them. The I heard the door open to the car next to me. It was a man very sexy. he saw every thing I was doing. I looked him in the eyes and rubbed my **** even faster. He sat inside his car and jacked his **** until he shot his *** all over his ****. He drove away. Men walked past my car and saw it all. some stared some stood next to me and squeezed their dicks inside their pants, and a black man unzipped his pants and took out his **** and stroked it in front of my open window. I opened my mouth as he shot *** toward my face which landed on my lips and across my breast. I was like an anaimal but couldn't be satified. I finally saw what started my craving. My youngest daughter was out of the mall. She was flirting with several man these men were older. Perhaps her daddy's age. I got soaked thinking about what she would do next. I saw her stop infron of a car that had an older man in it and turn around as though she was on display. She bent over for him reavealing her ***. By this time she had an audiance an audiance of older men. They stood by next to the parked cars and watched her. I couldnt hear them but they apeared to be telling her what to do. I reconize some of the men they were some that had gotten hard looking at me. It was 2 men standing together that seemed to be getting most of her attention. They both were squeezing their dicks in their pants in front of her. One reach out and felt of her under her skirt. He continued he aparently was fingering her little *****. My youngest daughter was being fingered by grown man and my ***** was flooding. The other one was behind her and reached under her blouse holding her breast and kissing her neck. She fell to the ground onto her knees. The man in front took his **** out it was nice and hard. My ***** was about to explode watching my baby girl. She started sucking him. she looked beautiful sucking his ****. Her *** was pouched out and the other man was fingering her from behind. I saw her suckinghis **** clear as day. The other man began standing next to him and she stroked his **** with her hand. Then she went back an forth sucking them. I watched and began ******* my ***** with my fingers hard and fast. Then one **** shot *** and she continued sucking. He came on her mouth and she turned to the other **** and sucked it until he shot his ***. My ***** was ready to explode with orgazm. I moaned loud. the saw a man standing next to my car his **** fully erect stroking at my face. I raised up and took it into my mouth he ****** my face like a *****. he came quick but lots of it. This was a wet dream *** true. My ***** erupted with orgazm as I fingerd ****** myself. When I came to my self I was covered with sweat and *** and juice from my own *****. I saw my daugher as she prissed away back into the mall.I was proud of my little girl in an odd sort of way. I never told my girls about that night but I will all ways keep watching them. Oh and I rubb my **** in my car alot now it has become a habbit.
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Your story is incredible and made me h...y. If you're real, I think you may reconsider your daughters beaviour, what if your hubby discovera something about you three?

Damn you're a dream *** true!

Magnificent story. I couldn't stop reading.

I am a 22 year old male who is very horny, would you like to skype me? if so message me, I will do anything you want

F^^^kin' A55h*le!! Oh, I mean, uh... "Mrsmom". Yeah, OK. That'll make everyone think you're actually a female, with children. So here's some advice: If you're going to make up a story, you should at least learn how to write in English. Then you should make the story REMOTELY plausible. Holy ****, you've got a generous audience!!

Damn, I wanna meet your family!

I call BS. No mom would watch "her baby girls" go into and out of a mall teasing or pleasing random men. This is a fantasy written fo rme.

Wow!!!.....That is very erotic reading. Would love to come across you at the mall and watch you and your daughters.

wow Amazing- Your story is so hot and certainly got my attention ! How sexy you touch your self in the car and willingly suck **** of passers by. I like that you get turned on by visual stimulation as well; mens dicks outlined in their shorts; women too ? Maybe nice nipples protruding under ther dress or blouse - and even your daughters make you horny, seeing them be willing and working the line up of men - good times. Would love to see or *** across you at the local mall ans service you to your pleasure of course.

I saw a video once.....this guy did the mom, then her sister, the he did the sister's daughter. I thought the vid was hot - as was your story. Thanks!

Damn what mall do you go to? I'd love to *** by and let you suck me before I **** you and fill your hot wet ***** with my ***.

What a taboo, but incredibly sexy story.

Very hot! Wish I knew someone like you close by!

One of my favorite stories so far.

What a wonderful story! i would love to come upon you in your car enjoying yourself and who knows, maybe *** upon you too!<br />
<br />
Take care and keep on enjoying your sexuality!