I love the beach, and the fun I can have with them there, the relaxed life of the day and everything. When I was sixteen, I was with my boyfriend Guilhem, and our friends Catherine, Joan-Luis, Maria and Pierre and Marcel. We were enjoying a beautiful sunny morning at Canet Plage. We'd taken the bus out from Perpignan.

The sands here are just like those at Bacares or Saint Cyprien, and we were relaxed near the waters' edge being steadily joined by an increasing number of summer visitors. I was topless, and Guilhem was rubbing sunoil onto my back, and then on my front, my breasts, and there were people watching him fondling me as he did this little service.

Seeing a number of people being 'unimaginative' and scornful, I asked Guilhem if he would 'do me all over' and I got to my feet and pushed down and took off my bikini panties, and he knelt up, behind me, to first rub the oil onto my buttocks, and then when I turned around for him, he rubbed it onto my groin, and under, beneath my crotch.

We were so amused by the reactions we got, and I settled supine on my reed mat to enjoy the sun's kiss on my naked body.
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Great Story, please add me

Great story. Glad you ignored any disapproving stares.

Well done you, I hate prudes!

<p>Sounds like fun. What country is that in?</P>