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So I have recently enjoyed a few instances of exposing myself. I'm a 26 year old guy, pretty average build, and I live in a college town. I started by just being nude in my apartment whenever I wanted, then when I would go out I wouldn't wear underwear. But as of late I have really enjoyed the rush of exposing myself in public. The experience is fun but it has also helped me to just be more confident with women but recently it has had me be kind of a pig as well. I love it all, here are some of my stories.

It started with just leaving my pants unzipped when I wasn't wearing underwear. Just as I was walking around somewhere, doing laundry, whatever. I never knew if people got a peak but I was taking the chance. But then I decided to be a little bolder one time getting dinner. I went through the drive through at a Wendy's and pulled out my **** and balls. I immediately got hard as I placed the order and approached the window to pay before the window for food. I noticed it was a girl who looked maybe 24-25, she was cute but a Wendy's uniform isn't complimentary to a woman. I leaned the seat back a bit to make sure she got a good view and I became hard immediately. I pulled up to the window and she just starred at it for a moment, it was as though it was the first time she got to see one in person. I just watched her looking for a moment before she finally made eye contact with me and said "That's 6.75". I slowly opened my wallet and counted out the money why she continued to look at my **** and I responded "Close, it is 6 and a half inches." As she took the money she leaned out the window more than was needed in order to get a better look. I smiled and I pulled forward. She looked the whole time. I leaned the seat up and covered myself so the people at the next window saw nothing. I was glad too cause it was a dude.

Next was at a laundry mat. I was wearing pajama bottoms and just didn't button it. I took my laundry in and started separating things across from an older woman and I started casually talking to her. The head of my penis found its way out first and then the rest came with it. I noticed her look a bit and she was a little quieter for a moment as all of me worked its way out. She pointed and said "Your jimmy's showing", I acted like it was an accident and as thought I was embarrassed. But she chuckled and said, "it's alright hun I've seen my fair share of those." I responded "You maybe okay with it but I don't think the police would be." She nodded and we actually continued talking till she left as my laundry was drying. At that point there were a few other people in there and I kept myself in. After my laundry had dried I pulled all my bits out and carried basket out. The only person who saw me was a sorority girl who glanced and then turned away but keep looking out of the corner of her eye. As I put my laundry in my car someone pulled up next to me. I don't know if they were man or woman but I know they got an eyeful as i got in my car. I was hard all night.

Next I was going through a checkout line in target. I noticed the cashier was a total butter face. Nice body, big booty and well endowed chest with a healthy serving of cleavage. So I started the check out just looking at her chest. I made eye contact a moment just be sure she saw my eyes move back to her chest. She proceeded to ring up my items, give me a total, and I paid all the while keeping my eyes locked. When she handed my card back I looked her in the eyes as I slowly put my car away. I said "hey, I'm sorry about that." She said "No, it's okay" really quick telling me that it wasn't. So I took another look as I grabbed my bags. I gave her a nod and a wink and said good day.

Then I went through another drive through. I pulled out and leaned back. This time it was one window and the girl in there was clearly a freshmen in college. She gasped at first but then took my money, taking a look as she did. As she gathered my food she gave me a smile and I gave her a wink. I just said have a nice day and she laughed.

That is it for now. Maybe I will share more later. But I really like confidently taking a look at a woman however I want. Some seem to really be enjoying it.
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Jan 22, 2013