Caught ************ In The Woods

It was a hot day and I had decided to go down to the river, at a place that used to have a nude beech. Over the years the do-gooders have tried to shut it down, but there was still nudist hiding in the woods. I took off my clothes and was enjoying the freedom when I started to get aroused. That's kind of the no-no at a nude beech-you can't walk around with a woody! I tried to think of something else but it didn't work. I had a hard on and had to do something! I headed for a heavily wooded part and found a spot to **********. It was wonderful, a hot day, naked in the woods and horny! I was really getting into it when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Without turning my head I saw a 50+ year old woman watching. She went behind a tree and peered around the side. I pretended not to notice and stroke my **** slowly and deliberitly. I saw her trying to get a good luck as she was about 25 feet away. I decided to turn my head away to allow her to get a better look. When I did, she moved to directly below me, about 10 feet away. She hid behind some bushes and looked up at me. I played with my balls and ****, letting her see it from different angles. It was so hard, with her watching. I stroked it faster and faster as she stared back at me. I was so glad I had sun glasses so she couldn't tell I was watching. I turned around to show her my *** and continued stroking it. She moved again, this time directly under the bush in front of me! My heart pounded as I realized she was really turned on by this! I faced directly over her, making sure not to look. I closed my eyes as I was close to ******* and stepped forward to hang my **** and balls over the bush she hid behind! My *** flew out and over her as I moaned and stroked it. I glanced down to see her head turned looking at the *** on her shirt. I panicked and decided to leave quickly. I grabbed my clothes and dressed behind another bush. I hurried to my truck, flush with excitement!

I wondered what she did with the ***? I wondered if she *********** when she got home? I thought I maybe should have approached her.I have never had an experience like that since although I would love to feel that electricity!


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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

That is awesome. Being able to "accidentally" *** on a woman watching you--that's great.