My Fantasy I Hope Comes True

Before I start this fantasy, I will preface it in saying that I would love for this fantasy to come true. It will definitely not appeal to many people, and deals with definite extreme acts.

Here goes...

I am sitting in my apartment, when my door is kicked in, before I can fend them off I am tied up and blindfolded. I feel a needle pierce my skin, and I slowly fade into unconsciousness.

I wake up to find myself tied up on my knees and naked. I am informed I am now an owned sex slave and will be used as a sissy. My mouth is then forced open and I am forced to suck my Masters ****. He **** in my mouth and I am forced to swallow it all. A pink collar is locked around my neck. I am then untied, my hands cuffed behind my back. A leash is attached to the collar and I am instructed to crawl until otherwise instructed. I am led to a shower where my Master has all my body hair removed. my new Master then stands in front of me and has me open my mouth. He then ****** in my mouth and has my drink it all down. i am then brought to my room that is more like a cell. i am given a new wardrobe which is all womans clothes. A woman then comes in and instructs me on how to apply makeup, do my hair and teaches me how to walk in heels.
i am dressed in a slutty maid outfit and told I am to do as i am told otherwise i will be punished severely. As a submissive already i am more then happy to oblige. The taste of *** has made me crave more. I serve Masters guests then become their entertainment. i am gang banged for hours. i am put back in my cage until the next morning.
Master has me drugged again and when I come to, I am tied on a stretched in what appears to be an operating room with a balcony where people can watch.
my body is numbed, but I am kept awake, in a drugged state. A mask is put over my face so my identity is never realized, people then fill the observation seats. A ***** is molded from my own **** for me to use later. People start bidding on parts of my anatomy that will be removed in order to make my body smaller and more feminine looking. Parts of my stomach, liver, kidney, intestines, testicles, skin and body fat are up for bid for people to eat and experience canabalism. The whole thing is filmed so it can be sold as snuff ****. People then decide if they want to eat it there, or wait until I am able to serve it to them and watch (the testicles are not given that option. They are to be saved so i can serve them to the buyer).
I am awake as the parts are removed and forced to watch as my testicles are removed, and **** is cut up and made into a vagina. After i witness this, i am put to sleep so teh rest of my surgery can occur.
I wake up and find i am given double D breasts, plastic surgery to make me look more female, ears pierced, tongue pierced, nose pierced, nipples pierced. I spend the next month healing.i then am able to fulfill the last part of the auction and serve my testicles to the buyer and watch them feast on them. The entire process is filmed to be sold and make more money off me.
The rest of teh surgeries can now happen. my legs and arms are shortened, my new ***** heals. during the next 6 months of healing and rehab i am taught how to be the perfect ****.
Once i am ready, i am put to work in fetish **** as a post op, and forced into prostitution
snuffbottom snuffbottom
Dec 4, 2012