Correcting A Novel

I have basically finished writing my novel and by basic, i mean BASIC. i have a general text and it needs a lot of work. I know where i want to add things what i want to add but i just can't seem to express it properly
jessiblankenship jessiblankenship
1 Response Feb 4, 2011

I have the same problem with my writing. What I try to do is just get down all the stuff I want, this is like basic plot, basic character developments. I call that piece of writing my 'Scratch' as in a scratch-up of the draft. I'd leave it for a week or two, let all the thoughts kind of form in your head. Print off the story and then go through and type or write the whole thing again but this time adding in the other things you want and because you've left it there for your brain to process it you will automatically be able to slid it into place and you might even realise your story has taken a completely different turn! Remember stories are just ideas that have developed and they'll keep developing with every experience you have until you hit a point where it has everything you could ever want to put in it. Remember, majority of things you read have had several drafts before them.