Am I Really A Writer?

My whole life has been filled with some amazing stories! I used to struggle a lot with reading and writing when I was young. Then I took a Latin class in high school and my excitement for words got ignited. It was always interesting to me to see how our language(English)evolved. I would take the time when reading to look up in the dictionary when some word didn't make sense to me or I felt like I knew the meaning but wasn't sure and to see what other language it was derived from.
One time I entered a short story contest I believe it was in Penthouse magazine or some similar magazine.I had this electronic typewriter that would remember a 1000 words and had a thermal ribbon. Being a geek at heart it was a fascinating machine and helped me tremendously with my writing for college courses. Then later on my grandmother bought me a laser printer. That was when they were just getting affordable to a certain extent for home use. I kept that one for a long time and eventually replaced it and was wondering why I hadn't sooner!
I never tried to write much after that. Still fascinated with words and what I called contextualism. How any kind of word can be construed as negative or positive or to man something totally different. Language seemed like the lost powerful tool we have in life. It is something that can bring about peace and destruction. The reality being the motive behind its use. I loved in the Bible where it talks about God spoke and the world came out of it. I saw that through words and our imagination the world of words can be used to create anything. Of course there are pictures too. But words evoke the mind to construct somehting out of the pool of words used.
Later on in college I discovered math and ended up minoring in it and realized it was a language in itself and it could precisely describe almost any object in existence and even those things that can't be easily defined in our reality. I got a degree in Computer Science and discovered even more languages. Different dialects symbolisms to communicate with computers to process numbers at the base that the computer uses to convert into something we can understand. Even more words in a way. Though grammatical mistakes in communicating with computers at the programming level can cause them to not understand as opposed we can usual process those mistakes in our communications. At a higher level they can understand.
Life is all about symbols and languages. We look at science and that creates the mediums for all these different modes of communication. And all these systems are able to connect with each other and operate. making life and amazing array of ways we can share information with each other.
But what about the human condition. We are a variable thrown into the mix. Into the medium called life. We have our minds extended into these languages of life. When you look at the basics they aren't all that different. In Charismatic Christian circles it talks about us having our own personal prayer language. Normally unintelligible to those unless they are gifted. It is a language underneath the languages we use to communicate in life. That language is our uniqueness that gives us our individuality. We are the creative source that manipulates the languages to create new paradigms in life. Though the basis for communication is fairly simple.
I bet you are wondering where I am going with this? I am too. How does all of this define me as a writer. The writer's most important purpose is to communicate something to the reader/watcher/listener that allows them to experience what the writer is expressing. it has to be something that mimics the human condition accurately that the humanism within the consumer is actuated. That they temporarily escape into the world of the words or visuals.
Life is such an amazing thing! There is so much to it but it has utter simplicity in its mechanization. Once we master the art of life through our own eyes we get to experience it in a more spiritual way.

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51-55, M
Mar 12, 2011