Thanks, Zoloft!

I used to be an amazing poet and songwriter. I won awards for my writing and could write 5 good poems in less than an hour. Ever since taking and quiting anti-depepressants, my writing has been happening less and less. Now, I'm not even inspired to write like I used to be. This sucks because I feel like I lost a part of myself that made me special.

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1 Response Apr 26, 2011

@litjunkie: Oh, man. I can't imagine having a block for 10 years! I know life's stresses can get in the way of our dreams, but to taking them away is another story. But, have you tried writing for your parents, in an inspirational sense? When my grandfather died 5 years ago, I wrote a poem for him. My family liked so much, I got to read it at his funeral. I hope your writing comes back. Watching "deep" movies can also help bring it back. I wrote my first poem in months a few days ago. See, it can happen again. It's mainly a waiting game.