Its On The Tip Of My Tounge

I'm writting here right now, because i honestly can't put words on this things that keep popping up in my head!

I mean, i know where i'm heading with my story, i just don't know how to start it.I sit infront of the desk inside my room,then I begin to write on my laptop's notepad, a few words later, i'd erase it, then write new words on it and then erase again, its like a never ending cycle of madness!

Feeling this,I now know why scientists go mad! Its like my brain juice was squeezed out from my head and just got drained out from my nose.

When the hell is inspiration gonna kick in?

I work on those medieval kinds of fictional stories, you know, fictions like LOTR, totally a fan of it!

Can anyone give me tips on how i'm gonna be rid of this writers block and also execute saying things in old english or more likely describing them?

please help!
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2012

You should start "song of ice and fire" series by George R.R Martin, it's one of the best series I've read, and has some excellent material for anyone looking to write in this genre.<br />
I've also recently just finished the " inheritance cycle" by Christopher paolini and while it's pretty entertaining, it's not even in the same league as SoIaF.

Ugh I know exactly what you mean! What I do is to distract myself by writing something completely different and maybe watching movie with a similr theme to your story and just see if anything comes through. Good luck :)