I Am Looking For Beta Testers For My Writers Block Course

Hi all, I used to have extreme writers block as a poet and writer because of my fear of rejection (even writing this would have been a big deal for me a few months ago). I used EFT to overcome my writer's block. After my breakthrough I asked my coach to work with me to put together a 28 day course targeting the emotional aspects of writers block. I am now looking for beta testers for the course to let us know if the course helps them or not and to give us testimonials: the course is free!! Please let me know if you are interested and I will message you. We have launched the beta.
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Hi I'm interested :)

I would absolutely love a chance at this. I've been writing since I was five, and fell in love immediately. My mother was terrified I would be kidnapped or molested, so she never let me out of her sight. My brother and I rode our bikes in the driveway, because we could go no further (we lived in Vermont!) Even at 18, my parents insisted on coming into my friends homes to confirm a parent was there.

My world was very small until my brother Sean kicked open the door. He was five years older, and taught me to read at his level. He would start a story, and ask me what I thought happened next. I wrote at home, and always got A's in English. I was constantly showered with praise. I was certain I would be a writer someday. Someday became five years.

At 23, I went back to school to get an English degree and start writing again. Once again teacher after teacher told me how my writing thrilled and excited them. They were also constantly telling me to never stop writing or I would lose my gift. I think that's there excuse for the same fear I have. My mantra was always, "what do you know? Where have you been published?"

I worked hard, and my prose was getting better. It's the only reason I went back to school. When you have a deadline the words always seem to come. They come because you have to do it, and you can't run.

I was getting ready to transfer to CU when I started having pelvic pain. The surgeon made a mistake, and she had her mentor clean up her mess. I was fighting my condition and doing OK until '06. That's when my brother, killed himself. He was more father than brother, and I almost got in with him when I found his body. A month later, my best friend (I met her at school, and she also had chronic pain) did the same. He told me they had talked about doing it. I thought I'd talked them out of it, and I was wrong. The guilt broke me. I was catatonic for a year. I barely got out of bed, and the pain swallowed me whole.

There is so much more to this insane story, but I'm sure you don't want to hear it. Even to me, it sounds like a hacks attempt at an interesting story. I feel as if every word I'm typing to you is garbage you'll immediately dismiss.

I do hope you'll consider me. I'm stuck in bed because of my pain condition. I'm no longer able to live in the real world, but at least I could live in some exciting new ones.

Please think about it. I honestly can write much better than this, and I desperately need help.

I'd absolutely be happy to look at your course.