I Love My Hair.

You heard right.  I stand 5'6" tall, and my hair comes down to the back of my knees.  It used to be ankle-length.  But, since I got a sit-down job, and rolled over the ends with an office chair a few times...I decided to trim off 10 inches, and donate it to Locks of Love.  ^.^  Sure, it's tough to manage, and I spend a fortune in hair care products.  BUT...being able to twine it up into he Braid of Death™; or wear my hair as a bathrobe for some lucky soul; or lock my hands behind my neck, stretch out my arms, and watch it cascade like a textbook shampoo commercial, is pretty amazing.  I wouldn't trade my hair for anything, it's one of the very few things about me that I'm proud of.  ^.^

Phlarekat Phlarekat
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13 Responses Mar 29, 2008

What you write could nearly be my own experience. I cut my hair when it was a little more than calf-length. Now I keep it on knee-length and that's ok for me.

i think knee hair or longer is pretty

I would love to meet you!

Your hair sounds very beautiful describe its colour and texture

Braid a shoestring into your hair and tie it up to keep from rolling over it. You can also twist it up so far then clip it to your scalp. Let the length fall free, just not to the floor when you are working.

All I can say about your hair is WOW!!!

You and your hair sound really beautiful. I would love to see your hair. I greatly admire long hairand girls who go to all that trouble to grow it long.

You left me breathless. What a delectable destription of your silky tresses.

I loves the waybof your hair's, don't ever cut it, let it grow every 6 months.

I am growing mine too...<br />
Just enjoy it!<br />
It is never long enough!

Deleted the accidental double post. ^.^ Now, I'm not one for self-pics...so, don't get your hopes up too high. But, I appreciate the offer~ ^.^

I would give anything to see a photo of ye Lass, and even more fae the chance tae meet ye and brush yer lang soft hair as I wrote a poem about ye.

That is really cool! :) Years ago, I saw a girl with hair like yours and, as photography is a hobby of mine, asked her if she would like to do a photoshoot. So we did. It really is something that is visually stunning. Extremely long hair is very beautiful :D