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I am 16 years old & I've had exzema since I was a child.
I could hardly attend day care because they were afraid of my itching & constant bleeding & irritantion.
My mom tried everything & nothing helped.
We even had to move from Nevada because the heat was constantly irritating my skin.
We moved to California & nothing changed.
I was & still am constantly bullied in school, some people won't even touch me because they think it's contagious.
I constantly wear long sleeves & scarves to hide my arms & neck.
I've even stopped wearing shorts because I am embarassed about my legs.
It's everywhere!
It's gotten so bad I started using combs to scratch myself.
Noone understands.
Hardly anything has helped other than a spray in a can for Athlete's foot.
It's begining to tire me to the point of depression & even suicidal thoughts.
Just looking at the scars tires me.
I don't know what do anymore.
TaylorJae TaylorJae
1 Response May 5, 2012

I had it from a young age too. I seemed to grow out of it in my late teens early twenties with just an odd flare up relating to stress. Hang in there. I know exactly what you are going through