Emotion-triggered Change

My eyes haven't cycled for the longest time - no big emotional swings to the emotions that trigger them. My eyes were weird what I was in my teens, different people saw all three colours, most of them saw the default combination.

Under normal circumstances, my eyes are coloured in 3 rings, from outward in the pupil: smooth and thin blue ring , broad rounded cell green ring, crackly thin yellow ring.

Each color became more dominant as each of these three emotions became dominant (respectively): Love/lust, playful/mischievous, and anger.

Various girlfriends saw the first two on different occasions, but the last one had two landmark moments that ended up freaking out the people who witnessed it. Once was standing with my then-mother-in-law in a speech to run a terrible person out of her father's house, to protect him from her money-draining and abusive ways. The other was over some bad news I received concerning my first wife, and I had to meet a friend not an hour after getting the news - they asked if I was ok before anything else.

They haven't changed in a long while, like I said, but knowing they have makes me stand out even more. (Like I need to...)

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My eyes change color based on my mood. some say my eyes were red. grey. yellow. and super green and super blue. it all depends on how my mood is.

I have natural blue eyes. Some times It have subtal changes. My right eye has a brown speck that come and goes. But there have been times there any other color. One which has scared pweople bad and caused loss of friends. I had gotten hurt bad playing around. But the pain was so great when I looked up every one said my eyes where pure red. Any scientist who believes it can't happon lie. There is no scientific explination. But some faiths have belief and historic meaning behind it. So what are your beliefs?

One might say I'm not weighed down with the beliefs of older systems. You can check my stories list and find the one under "I'm not religious but believe in energy", which does an overview of where I stand on it. As it relates to eyes? I'm not sure. perhaps that connection is how science has missed it, but it's also likely the intricacy of the eye combined with the sort of data they would need when such changes happen that makes such events difficult to capture and analyze. There's obviously reasons behind it, but what they are is speculation by anyone at this point in time.

my eyes used to do that same thing. Friends used to try teasing me or making me laugh or just stare into my eyes. I could tell when the color changed cuz of their expressions. when i got really ticked off my eyes got a red tint to them n people would run. was kinda funny honestly cuz seeing the color change freaked out alot of people. my color stopped changing after a friend of mine died.. they turned a green n hardly ever change now. before that they were only green if i cried really hard. but when they changed all the time i could wear a mood stone ring n it always be the same color as my eyes. mine changed from shades of blues, browns, grays, greens, n red-ish. the color now is a deep blue outer lining, pale green (sometimes dark green/teal) center, and a small golden burst around the pupil

I know what you mean, ever since I was a little girl my eyes have always changed color. My mother always said I had the most fascinating /beautiful eyes, and how they always expressed my mood. Her favorite was the red, lol, it showed my complete "raw" feelings as she said, good or bad, and matched my red/strawberry blond hair perfectly

I've been reading alot on this particular topic. What I've found is that everyone invariably has hazel eyes or blue eyes that change. But I'm black like dark chocolate black.<br />
My eyes are usually a dark brown color..but when I'm sick, aroused or even sometimes when i switch quickly from a somber mood to a happy one, my eyes become a very very light brown color. The situations are so different that i can't say its a particular emotion that causes it..and once or twice a year I wake up with them so light, they actually look like mirrors..I want to know hat causes this so i can turn it on and off as i want..

I never realized that eyes changed color due to these factors. My eyes are blue, but sometimes they are greener and sometimes they are greyish. <br />
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I always thought that certain colors complimented and accented the different hues, but never thought of it in this perspective. <br />
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Thanks - interesting stuff to ponder. :)

Sorry 'bout that... I seem to have a talent for it, though... LOL ;)

The puns are bad, (as always :)) but the company's good.<br />
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They are kind of, but they haven't changed in a while...been kind of emotionally neutral (?) for some time. thanks for the comment Dee. :)

Sounds like the 'mood rings' they had in the 70s.. a finger ring that had a stone that changed color according to your moods.. only your 'rings' are built in, lol ;)<br />
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I'm not sure if it's synchronicity.. I just did a story on eye color because I kept seeing others talking about it and I keep hearing songs about beautiful eyes.. the eyes have it, I guess!