Rainbow Eyes!

My eyes have turned every color except black, purple, and blue! They don't really respond to clothes or mood but just change.
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

My eyes are dark brown. But if you shine a light at them they turn goldish yellow.

I don't really know what color my eyes are, I call them swamp color. When you look really close at them they are green-brown-silver-a tiny bit blue. For a while I thought they were green for the most part, but today they kinda look grey. IDK

It's kind of annoying when you can't figure out what color they are, especially when you try to get an ID card. lol

How did u get ur eyes to change colour this is making me jealous!! i have dark brown eyes

But how?? im so sorry im just sooooi jealous because i want my eye colour to change but they dont.

i guess ur a lucky person then

Mine are blue and can range to misty grey, grey, slightly yellow, slightly green and crystal blue. :) I think its mood. But if we can shift, our eyes can change colour as we please, I guess x

Well lets say mine turn like dark brown when im angry and light brown when im happy and thats it x

No actually check you eyes closely for a ring within them. The colour the ring is, is your wolf eye colour

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