Segmented Hetrochromia

For a long time my eyes seemed to change colour depending on the light, green, blue, orange, brown...

After a while i took a good look to find out that my eyes where blue with an orange circle around the iris. observations told me that this wasn't to uncommmon, years later i found that this was a codition called segmented hetrocromia, which wikipedia said was very rare, that made me feel special. but then i imediatly saw like 5 other people with it.

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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

ie iman i meant the blue bit has recently grown to the pupil.

my daughter iman has brown eyes, but her right eye has a blue bit at the top of her eye which has recently to the pupil, although her eye is still 2/3rds brown, she also has a patch of very fine freckles on her right cheek, but one on the left. she has a deep voice and is very hyperactive, she also has a swirl shape on her back, you notice this by the hairs on her back, i love her to bits though she is so much fun to be with, she also is very smart and knows her colours, letters and numbers.

I think its good that i have quite large eyes to show it off with... but they get smaller cos i smile so big.<br />
<br />
i kinda wish mine changed colour like yours seem to, mine may be pretty but there not dynamic.

my eyes have blue colour but change according to clothes or light..its a bit strange i think