For The First Time Ever

I never imagined I would ever fail a class.  I have always had above average intelligence.  I made all A's and B's in elementary, middle, and high school until my senior year, when I made one C my last semester.  College has been much harder, partially because of the difficulty of the classes, but a lot of it is also because of my lack of drive and self-discipline.

But speaking of drive and self-discipline, I think those things plummeted this semester.  I can't even put a finger on why.  I haven't gotten my final grades officially posted yet (I think they come out Friday), but a couple of my professors have let me know my final grades.  I made a D in my first aid class due solely to absences, and I failed my graphic design class due mostly to absences also.

While my graphic design class was hard, I think I would have at least made a C if I hadn't had all those absences.  What I wish I knew is why I missed class so much.  I know part of it, but not all of it.  I have gone through a crisis over the past few weeks.  My girlfriend's mother died, and that stress has really dragged me down and exhausted me.  As a result, I have been oversleeping for the past few weeks.  So I get that.  But I was already missing classes a lot before this happened.  It wasn't happening as often, but it was still happening.

I'm really starting to think that I'm just burnt out on school.  I started college as soon as I graduated from high school, and this is my eighth semester here.  I'm supposed to graduate next semester, but I'm starting to wonder if I really will.  I'll definitely have to take that class I failed next semester over again.  Even worse, I've been planning on going to graduate school after I graduate because a B.S. in psychology it appears...B.S.  Pretty much useless.  But seeing how I've been doing in college makes me doubt my success in graduate school.  Maybe I should just focus on graduating and let that be it.  But then that useless B.S. degree will go to waste.

I just can't believe I failed a class.  My parents are going to kill me.
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1 Response May 3, 2011

*hugs* I didn't realize you have never failed a class before. I hope that your parents are more understanding than they usually are. I wish I could take this away for you love...