Actually, Several, Probably.

I failed French in middle school because I neglected a particular project out of sheer laziness, which is in the long run, insignificant.

Last semester though, I hit a rut. I got really depressed because everything in my life fell out of the sky all at once like a deorbiting Russian space station. I realized that my grandmother only loved certain aspects of me, instead of the whole person. I realized that my grandfather is all but oblivious to everything going on. I realized that my mother is an alcoholic (who else could down a half-litre of red wine every night?) and that she and her boyfriend are the only ones who seem to have a mutual respect for my space and privacy. To top it all off, I got it into my head that I'll never be in a normal happy relationship with anyone because I'm so emotionally screwed up. So I stopped going to one class entirely, and stopped doing any work for another. The three I put any effort into probably went well enough, though.

b1alasdair b1alasdair
18-21, M
Jun 16, 2009