Double Laminectomy/discectomy L3-l5, More Pain Now Than Presurgery. 30/f, Married W/4 Kids

The surgery was something that I had been putting off for years, due to being a single mom o 4 kids. I was married in Aug 2011, and had surgery Dec 2011. I had 2 herniated discs, spinal stenosis, DDD, and bundling of nerves. The most annoying issue was the sciatica I had in my left leg. The doctor promised that after surgery, that the pain would be gone, and I could be a normal young mom again. I woke from surgery with the most painful indescribable pain in my RIGHT leg, and no feeling in my left foot. The doctor promised it was due to swelling. 10 months later, he is still making excuses, even after he failed to inform me that after my last MRI, that I had a reherniated disc. I'm in pain everyday, lost my job due to running out of FMLA, gained weight due to not being able to even walk upstairs, nevermind exercise. The cherry on top though, is the way my pain doctor treats me. Like I'm an addict faking pain for more pills. They treat me like I'm a criminal, when I've passed every pee test, and have NEVER asked for more pills. I've been a model patient, but if
I say my pain that month had at any point been over a 4, then I'm lying in their eyes. I so didn't ask for this to happen to me, and I definitely didn't ask for their unsympathetic views.
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I have L3-L5 with bulging nerves as well, my previous primary care Dr tried to tell me that I had to get surgery or he would not sign any disability forms for me any longer. I am very scared & skeptical about having back surgery as one of my mothers cousins had it and the dr severed his heart artery in the process so yes I'm scared. Not only that, but I've heard so many horror stories that everyone still has the pain after the surgery and biggest one being they are numb I have an issue with that.
I do have a very big problem with my pain clinic Drs as they do think you are going there for drugs, I really wish that they had a machine to test pain levels or that they could feel our pain for one day. They think I can just sit around do nothing all day as if I don't have no chores or if I don't need to take my child to school let alone maybe take him out once in a while and lets not forget the daile chores and market.
I really hope that something is done so that patients are not felt to be treated as the regular street druggie. I do believe we deserve the right to be treated as PATIENTS IN PAIN. Not looking for a fix, please maybe if we all started writing to our insurance made a grivience about this it will change maybe with enough they will ensure us the respect we deserve and get the ones abusing it out.
Good luck to everyone.

I definitely wish you both luck. Pain like that is very trying for the entire family. I have tried steroids. I started gaining weight rapidly, then I had an allergic reaction that caused more swelling on my back nerves and muscles. It was horrible, but not all people are the same. Sometimes I feel like people with back pain and issues are nothing more than guinea pigs.

my husband has very bad back pain from a car accident. It's been suggested he try steroid shots in his back...we've tried researching it...he's afraid of what might happen. I can't say i blame heart goes out to you

Perseverer, I urge you to please check all reviews of your neurosurgeon. For me, it was like the doctor was handing me all the answers, saying the right things, but after surgery he had no answers. Even worse, other neurosurgeons do not want to take a patient that has already been operated on. After surgery, I was a different person. Like it drained all hope for my future. I hope the surgery relieves your and your sisters issues, and please feel free to contact me along the way. Nobody understands how this operation feels unless you have had it. Good luck!

I really feel for you. I am awaiting surgery for conditions similar to yours, only it is broad based back pain, weakness in both legs and incontinence that I hoping to be relieved of. I do know that back surgery does not always turn out for the best. My sister is also awaiting back surgery and she has also come up against unhelpfulness from the pain clinic who even suggested she try smoking marijuana, and no, it is not legal here.