A Funny Story

It was in one of those Haunted housed. I was 8 and on my first vacation and my dad wanted to go in a haunted house. We had went down in a elevator that seemed like a cage and walked through when this guy said to get in a line. It was only my mother, father and me so we lined up as my dad in the back me in the middle and my mom in the front. Then he says "no no no the younger ones go first." So we lined up as me in front then we went through the haunted house and finally came to a bridge. The lights were off then suddenly we stepped onto the bridge and it was a bridge with purple background and dots that made it seem the room was upside down. When were at the middle of the bridge when i fainted. My dad was right behind me and my mom  screaming "They KILLED MY Child" and my dad was trying to pick me up while my mom was giving him a wedgie. Then i woke up slightly dizzy and walked the rest of the way. We made it to the elevator when the front door open a man from the back popped up saying "boogity bogity Boo" Well my mom say " you better be quiet before i shove that boogity boogtiy boo up your ***" well Now i laugh about it but i didn't that day lol.

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4 Responses Feb 12, 2010

lol ^u^

I was eight and i didnt even know we were going there at first lol


lol,that was the funniest **** on earth