Before I Learned How To Do It Intentionally...

I was doing a fundraising barbeque my freshman year in highschool and it was really hot out that day. I was serving the salad to the people in line and m vision started to go and I knew what was going to happen so I asked a guy behind me if he would take over for a second so I could sit down. He said no, so I asked another guy who I had like the *biggest* crush on if he would get me some water and he did. I don't remember this but I guess he handed me the cup of water and my hands were shaking so bad I spilled it all over myself and hit the pavement. No, that wasn't embarrassing at all but I did get out of having to do the bbq.


Then, my friends and I discovered you could make yourself pass out and we're all at a slumber party and decided to try it. Of course I'm the one to go first so my friends had me stand up against a wall and hold my breath while two of them pushed on either side of my neck... no one thought that if it worked they'd have to hold me up and so I went down with a thud and smacked my head on the cement floor (no, we couldn't have been doing this in a carpeted room). I came to just as my bff threw water in my face.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

Yay! Glad I could share a laugh with someone :) I would've been ok if the jerk would've taken over for me... even when you've never done it before you know what's gonna happen.

can you remember what the jerk did after you passed out?