May Not Be A Story To You!

Everyone has been hurt by someone, I was hurt by family and freinds and on a daily bases I am hurt by things I hear and see, even some of the things I do. Well
I know physical hurt, emotional hurt,even spiritual hurt. I am so glad I had a god fearing mother and father. They may not have been together but they still loved me.
My mother is gone in the physical but lives in the spirit and in my heart and memory. I love my father I dont talk to him as much as need to but I still love him. This is a little peace of mind to remind those that I know why I am the way I am. I was born to love and be loved in jesus name.

shaws123 shaws123
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

bless you

bless you that is a story and i undrstand where you are coming from i myself am hurting as i lost my dear wife almost a year ago and i feel the same as you that she has gone from this life to another one which i will be going to when it is my turn and we will be reunited,but now she has gone i am still here and i have to carry on liveing for my childrens sake.<br />
to be truth full at the start of this year i had lost all faith compleatly but thankfully i am begining to see why i lost faith and the faith is coming back and with all the love of the people on this sight i think it will be restored compleatly, and when you sit back and realise that there is so much love conected with faith it is realy fantastic