Well... Not Entirely, But Pretty Close.

I've found Christianity to be a very legalistic institution. But I still hold out hope because every once in awhile I find a church that focuses on the relationship rather than the ritual. Churches that are more into loving than judging. But in the general sense of the word yeah, i've pretty much lost faith with Christianity in general because I realize Jesus probably wouldn't approve of most of the churches I've seen simply because of the way they treat their members and outsiders... and often also the -difference- between how those groups are treated.

The only "legal" no-nos are the "thou shalt not" 10 commandments. Everything's based on those. And only if you're reading it correctly. For example: Thou shalt not murder. It says "murder" not "kill" - if it said "kill" then God would've been commanding his people to sin when he told them to go to war. God doesn't do stuff like that. Same thing with "I hate divorce" - yes, he does, because it's messy and painful for those involved, but HE INVENTED IT just the same as he invented marriage. And the verse doesn't mean legal divorce, it means the separating where people act like they're divorced even though they're still legally married - he hates this because it leads to more sin, such as adultery (one of the "thou shalt not"s). And what about the "submissive wife" thing? So many people translate "submissive" as "subservient" yet ignore the fact that Proverbs 31 is talking about possible life-traits of a "woman of noble character" - not a list of daily chores... and part of that chapter mentions her husband being a respectable sort of guy, too. So it's not license to treat her however you want because it's "her role" to submit to whatever you say/do. I'm so sick of churches basically condoning abuse because they think the institution of marriage is more important than the people in the marriage!

Jesus didn't die to save the rules, he died to save US. Because he cares about US as his kids! People need to stop doing the "but Pastor said..." crap and pick up their Bible and read it themselves. Study it. Ask questions. And most importantly, PRAY for understanding and wisdom and to have a real relationship with God. The Spirit will show you what the "rules" are about, but he will also show you what HE is about. It ain't about making others feel guilty or judging them, people. Or have you forgotten that he also tells you not to judge, lest you be judged and not to point fingers because you're usually more to blame for an offense than the person you're pointing out (speck/plank story).

What about 1Cor13? God is love and we're supposed to try to be like him: patient, kind, rejoicing with the truth, ever-protecting, ever-trusting, ever-hopeful, ever-persevering... NOT envious, boastful, proud, rude, self-seeking, easily-angered, grudgeful or delighting in evil. LOVE NEVER FAILS. This is the stuff that really counts. Live the love, not the law. The law will follow out of the love... it's when you try to do it backwards that people get hurt and turn away from the religion that's supposed to be giving them hope and turning them toward Jesus. Work on these things within yourselves, not in pointing out how others are failing at it... find me a church that HELPS people to live in love, and maybe i'll have some faith in Christianity again. Too many churches don't though, and when it comes down to it, Jesus is really all I need anyway... all ANYONE needs, to be exact.

ViolaPercy ViolaPercy
26-30, F
Feb 27, 2010