Have Faith Things Could Be Worse

I will go ahead and say im sorry for my terrible spelling and grammer but I must say what I have to say.I have been keeping everything pushed deep inside my soul for so long that I fill like I will explode, or go to sleep and not wake up, but "THINGS COULD BE WORSE"SO So hear I go.
It started earl on a Sunday morning the 8th of Feb. 2009 .I was woken up at 4:15 am by my son, who at the time was 14 , beating on our front door. He was spending the night at my parents house.when I got to the door I could see in his eyes and the color of his skin that something bad was wrong.It took me a minute to figure out what he was trying to say."come quick granddad is shaking all over".So I thought well he is having a seizure.My parents live about 1000 yards away. So it took me about 4 min to get over their. When I walked in My brother who lives next door was allready their trying to get my dad to respond .When I got all the way inside to see my dads face .I new, that instant he was gone , now that didnt stop us but I had no dout .I checked for a pulse and then started cpr while he was in his chair.I couldn't do it because of the recliner and my dad weighed 370 lbs .So my brother and myself,with 2 ruptured disk in my lower back (at this time I did not know that )got him out of the chair, in the floor and continued cpr,swapping out with my brother and his wife.for about 40 min until the emts got their and took him to the hospital.His heart never beat on its on again.On my way home from the hospital it hit me HARD!!!. This is when I first said "THINGS COULD BE WORSE" Well now wait dont get upset Im going to tell you how I can say that.We could have been fighting, but we weren't, it could have been several days since I had saw him last, it wasn't I had  a very nice talk only 9 hours before,actualy all my brothers, sister and myself got to talk to him he day before and he was in great spirits.And last but not least his soul could have been lost , it wasnt ,he was READY TO GO. So yes "THINGS COULD BE WORSE". Ok ,the day before we are going to burry him I found out that my wife had been fighting cancer for over a year and had kept it from both mine and her family. I have no idea but no one knew her mother sisters no one .Because she didn't want people to pitty her.I say "IT COULD BE WORSE".After I finished making arrangments for my father . I called her and told her that I was at her dr. office where she was supposed to be getting her stomach ulcer checked on. And she wasnt their . Thats how I caught her . We did find out that she was cancer free (Breast cancer).In May of 2009 we found out that we were going to have another baby.Now IWill explain why "THINGS COULD BE WORSE" and I will start out with the small things first.My wife was very upset , well you see at that time we have a son who was 15 and was born at 28 weeks due to placenta abruption and a daughter 12 who had a stroke in utero leaving her with cerebral palsy.
Over the next 9 months we have to go to the hospital twice a week for testing and shots and once a week 90 miles away to a specialist.to check baby growth. She was not growing correctly but everything elese was great..On Jan 1 2010 we had a 4lb 9 oz little girlshe was full term just small .She did have to stay in the nicu until she gaind some weight which was about 7 days .She is now 2 and a handful. "THINGS COULD BE WORSE" .
Well in October of 2010 I found a lump in one of my Testicals . It was removed and sent out for testing and came back posative .Not just positive but positive for one of the most agressive and fast spreading cancers their is .I had some decisions to make . Now I have to have a mojor surgery done called a RPLND
(in short this when they remove allmost all your lymphnodes , send them out for testing and to see what stage your cancer is in. They sugery took little over 9 hours and they cut me from my breast bone to my pelvic bone It was rough for the next couple of weeks but, "THINGS COULD BE WORSE" . Well after what it seemed like a lifetime the doctor called and said he couldnot believe it but the cancer had spread no where that having the testical removed took care of it .All I have to do is get recovered and keep up with all the tests I must have over the next couple of years to make sure that it does not come back."IT COULD BE WORSE"
Well now I am on Family medical leave from my emoployer of over 10 years  where I am a senor member of managment when I get a phone call that I have to be back at work before my FMLA runs out or I would loose my job .I have a family I cant loose my job so I go back to work against dr orders.Every thing seems ok except I am not well.A week after I return to work I am terminated The company is cutting backI will say nothing elese about that but "THINGS COULD BE WORSE.
I have had lower back problems all m.y life had surgey on it when I was 19 . While I was trying to find a job and still not heald from my cancer surgery my back is getting worse buy the day So after being told by my dr several times and now with no insurance I have a MRI done .When my dr gets the results he calls me and has me come in to go over them .He says you need to file for disabilaty. You have degenertive disk  2 ruptured disk and scar tissue from your previous problems , and perminate nerve damageand its just going to get worse. I have since filed for SSDI BEEN rejected and now have a lawyer and a hearing date is near."THINGS COULD BE WORSE"
Since Feb of 2009 when I lost my father I have been under  A bit of stress. I have lost my wife I mean we still live in the same house but that is all I blame me I have not been easy to live with My kids also they see what this has done to me .That is all on me . I THANK GOD EVERY DAY FOR THE GIFTS HE HAS GIVEN Me.My family still has their health and my kids are doing great . I read stories every day of people who have it worse than me .THEIR IS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING GOD HAS A PLAN WE DO NOT ALLWAYS KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT IT IS THEIR SO I SAY HAVE FAITH THINGS COULD BE WORSE THEY WILL GET BETTER.
Again Im sorry for the spelling and grammer but I hope this will touch at least one life
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When I start to complain about my problems I think I will remember this story and say to myself that "things could be worse". Thank you for sharing it.

No thank you for reading it .Please share my story with everyone you know.
God bless

I started crying at the beginning of this and I am still in tears..You are an amazing man

My intention was not to make you cry .I just want people to understand that no matter how bad you have it someone has it worse Have Faith Trust In God He does have a plan. If you want share my story any and everywhere you want so that It can reach as many people as possible I would rather it be rewritten so that I get no recognition just to help as many people as possible

amen praying for you

Thank you so much we all need prayer every day God bless