I promise to myself:

to be so strong that nothing disturbs

the peace of my mind.

I prefer to talk about happiness, health and

prosperity to each person that I know

I want to make my friends feel

that there is something of value in them.

I try to see the brilliant side of everything

to get optimism through it.

I think the best and work for the best.

I get so enthusiastic for the results from

others as if  they are my own one.

I do forget the mistakes of the past and insist

to get great realizations in the future.

I look for an attractive aspect in all time

I treat kindly each person I know with a smile

I don’t see my problems as forever ones.

I give enough time to my personal improvement

that it is no time left to criticize others.

I get worry about others, especially the ones I love

I am happy to allow the presence of each emotion

I feel in my heart…

Because I always have FAITH.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I've heard and believe to be true that what we focus on grows dramatically...."...I treat kindly each person I know with a smile. I don't see my problems as forever ones..." Thanks TEP for spreading kindness and your positive, loving outlook. :)

thanks for explaining.*

i dont want to lose hope..hope and faith is same?sometimes i feel im losing that..but many times i promise whenever i fall i ll stand up again..<br />
thank u for ur story tp*♥