Best Fake Day Ever!!!

My fake day starts off as any of my other fake days do. I wake up out of my fake bed, take my fake shower, eat my fake breakfeast, which usually consist of fake eggs, fake bacon, and fake orange juice. Then i got dressed in my fake jeans, fake shirt, fake socks, fake shoes, and fake jacket. Then i get on my fake bus, sit on the fake back row, with my fake friend sam, then i get to school. I have a fake dr. pepper, then grab my fake books out of my fake locker, then go to fake class. But today i had a fake arguement with my fake french teacher and got sent to the fake principals office where i got fake detention. What a AWESOME fake day:)
pimpstressbarbie pimpstressbarbie
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

what a lovely fake day! :D

but of course it was

hahaha yesh!