Don't Try This At Home

Best as I can remember, how could I ever foreget? Must have been 5th or 6th grade11 or 12. I was at a friend's house, the lot next door was being built on. There was a steep slope down from the road to where they were building. At he bottom of the slope was a small pile of dirt; the perfect ramp. We were riding our bikes down the slope, hitting the "ramp" and launching into the air. Great fun   until; I hit the "ramp" at a good clip. Don't know what went wrong that time; but I was on my back on the far side of the "ramp" when the handlebar of my bike drove itself into my balls. It was one of those heavy Western Auto bikes from the 1960s. That ended the game.
Any of you guys ever hear that getting hits in the balls like we have all talked about causes you to have bigger balls?
sfrancisk sfrancisk
61-65, M
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

If that's really the I know why my balls are so big!!

Great story man!!!!